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Steve Brown is a radio broadcaster, seminary professor, and author. He served as a pastor for over twenty-five years, and now devotes much of his time to the radio broadcast Key Life.

A Professor of Preaching at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida, Steve also sits on the board of the National Religious Broadcasters. Traveling extensively, he is a much-in-demand speaker.

Steve is author of several books, including Follow the Wind, Approaching God, How to Talk So People Will Listen, and When Your Rope Breaks. His articles appear in such magazines and journals as Leadership, Decision, and Today’s Christian Woman.

Hi Tim,

And I like your book, too…a lot. And it’s not just because you said some nice things about me.

Your book is theologically right on. Doesn’t mean I agree with everything, but everything is well within the bounds of orthodox theology. (I might have some small quibbles with things like your view of the law – e.g., that it’s not for Gentiles – but even that is just a small disagreement and Christians differ on that. You might be right because I’m wrong 50% of the time.)

But as I said, this is one of the most complete books I’ve read on these subjects. You’ve dealt with every question, every objection, every wrong road, every place where a pagan or believer would have a question about salvation and the Christian walk I can think of, and have done it with grace, clarity, and a crisp and readable style.


Steve Brown


David Berkowitz – AKA “Son of Sam,” AKA “Son of Hope” – is currently serving 365 consecutive years in prison as punishment and repayment to society for his 13-month killing spree in the New York metropolitan area from late 1975 through 1977. In his book Son of Hope, The Prison Journals of David Berkowitz, Volume 1, David states, “By God’s grace I am living proof that anyone can be forgiven, if they want to be.” Although still repaying his societal debt, David’s sins were forgiven on Jesus’ Cross 2,000 years ago.

Hi Tim,

Concerning your book, I appreciate the way you keep salvation and serving the Lord very simple. Even in here (in the prison church) there is a big emphasis on things like church attendance, prayer and Christian service – to a point where the line becomes blurred and men mistakenly get the impression that these things are needed to “stay saved.” Legalism is unbelievably powerful because it’s a concept that’s entrenched in one’s flesh. While these things are important and while every Christian should be involved in church and Christian service, and have an active prayer life too, we know these things do not mean salvation. They have nothing to do with the eternal security of the believer. So thanks for bringing all this out in your writings. God bless!

Yours in Christ,

David Berkowitz


FROM TERESA: I love your book. All my life I have always thought that I was never good enough, that God was someone who stood around waiting for me to screw up and send me to hell if I don’t straighten up. I lived in constant fear of God, never wanting to read the bible due to the fact it scared the heck out of me. This book has given me new hope.


FROM NANCY: (Comment #3) Loveda & Tim, Thank You Again for your book Dick is reading it now and he even took it with him to the chemo treatment yesterday. When he started reading it he said how can I read this you have it all marked on. Amen!!!


FROM PASTOR TODD: That is one huge book!


FROM DOUG: It is a shame that an entire book had to be written to clarify John 3:16. The complications of Biblical interpretations are why I joined a non-denominational church.


FROM RUSS: Since receiving your book, I keep it either on my lap or close by. I really enjoy reading it because it demonstrates the enormous research and work that you put into it. Thank you.


FROM LOREN: I have read the first 3 parts so far…I like this book! /after years in the Kingdom, we have learned the difference between Christianity and Churchianity!


FROM MARILYN: I have really enjoyed your book because, although I was raised in church there were many things that were never thoroughly explained. These are things that I have wondered about all my life, and I am finally getting answers by reading your book. Thanks. I wish my mother was still alive. She would have really enjoyed your book.


FROM PAT: This is the third time through the book and finally I’m starting to learn a thing or two and I wanted to give thanks for this book.


FROM NANCY: (Comment # 2) Tim I have been a Christian for years but your book has made me a better one. There were things I didn’t understand and your book has cleared a lot of questions. Thank You


FROM KAREN: Great book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Dear Tim,

We received your book and Salty and I both want to thank you. Salty often quotes Hosea 6:6, as follows:

I want you to show love, not offer sacrifices. I want you to know me more than I want burnt offerings.

Salty says he doesn’t care about the type of worship – what you wear or if you use candles, etc. Just get to know Me and you will love Me.

Yes, Jesus Christ is the easy and only way to Heaven.


FROM CATHY: Today, my husband & I started reading this book to each other and sharing our thoughts. I honestly have never seen Ken get so involved with a book other than the Bible. We are both learning alot from it and agree that it is a great tool for Christianity and definitely “God Inspired”.

Thanks for writing it.



Hi Tim,

We have very good friends who introduced us to Tim’s book and we have been reading it together. I am so excited that someone finally wrote a factual book that helps you to better understand the Bible. I have a Master’s Degree and still find it hard to decifer what is being said a lot of the time so thank you for that!

The fact that it was made certain to be Biblically correct is impressive & makes it more valid for me.

Your Sister in Christ,



Hi Tim and Loveda – I finished your book over the weekend and found it to be incredibly instructional and a thoroughly pleasant read. My wife is in the final 1-2 chapters and has, since getting just a couple of chapters in, been blown away by it. She says she has learned more and had more critical biblical/faith concepts clarified, by the book, than from a lifetime of faithful church attendance and bible study.

We want to purchase five copies to give as gifts…



I have received your book ‘Jesus Christ is the easy and only way to Heaven.’ God bless you for sharing your heart and misconceptions concerning Christianity. I could relate as I too struggled terribly trying to be ‘good’ enough as a 10 year old and beyond.

What a revelation it was to me, many years later that my salvation didn’t depend on me at all but was entirely upon Jesus Christ. WOW!! What a relief to know my sins have been covered by His precious blood. I will see you in Heaven some day.



I’m not all the way done with it yet but I am really enjoying it, its refreshing how straight forward you are and no beating around the bush. Thank you for the blessing. And I really love your comment on the lady that shared this photo that said the first thing you tell people when you tell them your Christian is ‘I’m not a very good one’ because then they don’t have to look for your faults. Your honesty is awesome!

Thank you,


FROM EDGARD (Letter # 1):

Dear brother Tim

I am in love with your website! Wow! Can you remember me? I am this Haitian guy who visited Living Saints Sunday School Class this morning. You approached me and were the first to give me your business card. Then, sister Margaret Hermann whom you handled the package to.

Please let me know is this email gets through. I am interested in buying a copy of your book and would love to know you better. It would seem you are an author, a researcher, an anointed man of God, someone who might have a heart for the needy people back in Haiti.

Have a good Sunday afternoon and a blessed week in the Lord!

(Letter # 2 from Edgard): Brother Tim,

Not only am I in love with your website, now I am in love with your book (after I click some hot topics like homosexuality, female pastors, etc.

Just to see you again face to face and shake your hand, would you be so kind as to bring me a copy of your book next Sunday, June 3rd? Note: This coming Sunday is going to be my last one here. I must fly back to Haiti. I can’t wait to see you one day preaching the Good News over there. I would be so glad to interpret and translate for you my brother.

Please bring a copy of your book for me next Sunday. I will bring you either cash or a cheque. Is the cost still 20 dollars?

God bless you more and more!



Hi Tim,

I thought I’d touch base with you, I haven’t been on FB lately been to busy taking care of Dick, he has 7 more Radiation treatments to go and he is really weak. When I got your book I read it all the way through, and I’ve been taking it with me to all his Dr. apps. and to his treatments. I open the book at random and it’s like that is what I was suppose to read that day. Your book has been my strength, it has helped me through all this and to be able to say the right words to Dick.

You are a blessing.

Your Friend Nancy – Thank You!!!



Dear Tim,

Thank you for the copy of your book, Jesus Christ is the Easy and Only Way to Heaven. It looks like an inspirational read. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind note.

During our time in the White House, Laura and I witnessed the true strength of the American people. Our Nation has met great challenges with remarkable courage, character, and compassion. We have been sustained by your prayers and encouragement over the years, and we thank you for your trust and support.

Laura and I send our best wishes to you. May God bless you.



Dear Tim,

The Tebows have asked me to thank you for sending them your book. They hope that people will come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior because of it.

May God bless your ministry.


FROM LYNN: Thought the book was great but I wish you would have gotten your facts correct regarding Catholicism.


FROM TERRY: I suffer from insomnia, so whenever I can’t sleep I read a few pages of your book and it puts me to sleep.


FROM TOM: Wow! I found ur book insulting! (Then Tom’s letter went on to make derogatory personal remarks about Tim, which we have not included).


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