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You are about to be taught a summary of what the Mormon religion teaches. A professional company that encourages traditional and family values from a Biblical perspective produced this short cartoon. Because Mormons use the name of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the general public is under the FALSE impression that Mormonism is another denomination of Christianity. Nothing could be further from the truth! You will learn the startling fact that Mormonism is a cult that uses the name of Jesus Christ as a deceptive tool to gain the trust of their recruits. We know this because we were prey, but fortunately we did our homework by studying the tenets of Mormonism.

This cartoon is presented to enlighten you, but please don’t stop here.



Many people demand and seek truth, while others bury their heads in the sand and let the other guy do it. As a thinking being, please watch this non-political video produced to teach the differences between the Christian Bible and the bible of a cult.

Believing Christians revere the original manuscripts of the Old and New Testaments as inerrant. We stand firm on the great Apostle Paul’s statement that nothing should be added to these books. A couple of hundred years ago, a phenomenal story teller, named Joseph Smith, wrote a deceitful book, which he claims is the new and only inerrant word of God called The Book of Mormon. This was the seed that grew a cult.

Truth never fears investigation. Discover for yourself which of these books is worthy of being called “scripture” and which is worthy of your trust. JUDGE FOR YOURSELF.



Eight individuals…devoted, faithful Mormons, with unshakable testimonies and a sincere love for the LDS Church…now say that they have found something greater – something beyond compare.



By their fruits ye shall know them. This documentary examines the roots of Joseph Smith’s legacy, and its modern-day fruit. We follow the compelling testimonies of nine former fundamentalists, who shed light on this practice and lifestyle, which has been shrouded in secrecy since the earliest days of Mormonism; but more importantly, they share the true freedom they have found in the Jesus Christ of the Bible.



BAD NEWS: Mormonism is a cult.

GOOD NEWS: Christian evangelist and author, Tim Finley, has authored a book JESUS CHRIST Is the EASY and ONLY Way to HEAVEN, which will remove the scales from the eyes of those who have been blinded by lies. This easy to read, yet extremely understandable, book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christian bookstores, and via this website. Click on “Order Now.”

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