Tim Finley is at his best here!

I was raised Jewish, but accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior in 1991, at which time I understood the truth regarding the Messiah. My life was changed instantly and forever and I now consider myself a born-again Christian, proudly retaining my Jewish heritage.

Tim Finley’s book may anger many people, but it will also lead many others into the Kingdom of Heaven. I love it! It is direct, forthright, pulls no punches and provides the reader with the opportunity to understand and accept the wonderful love of Jesus Christ. Tim’s evangelistic heart is poured out with no filters in this book.

I’ve known Tim for over 10 years and I know him to be passionate about the truth and stubborn as a mule. Here he combines the best of both as he shares the truth of Jesus Christ, boiled down to it’s simplest form, just the way God intended it to be. Tim is honest, intelligent and has a mission to make sure the religious entities of the world do not stop people from accepting the simple, beautiful truth of Jesus.  Tim’s genuine love of the Lord is reflected with hammering honesty and candor.

I do not know of another book like this! Read it, it will change and save your life! If you are already sure you know Jesus as Lord, then give it as a gift to every unsaved family member or friend. They will be thanking you in Heaven.

Jack Alan Levine
Author of: Don’t Blow It With God and Where The Rubber Meets The Road With God
Founding Director, Voice of God Ministry, Inc.
Pastor, Great Hope Church



Many Christian denominations have convoluted the simplicity of Christian salvation. Most people believe that good people go to Heaven and bad people go to Hell. According to the Bible – this is NOT true.


Christian evangelist and author, Tim Finley, has recently released JESUS CHRIST Is the EASY and ONLY Way to HEAVEN. This easy to read, yet extremely understandable, book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christian bookstores, and via this website. Click on “Order Tim’s Books.”



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